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About Us

Altus Enterprises is a social enterprise. We employ over 195 people with disabilities completing a variety of contract packaging tasks. We also package a range of cleaning products (Able Products) that we sell on-line.

Altus offers a range of services to businesses, from shrink wrapping to re-labelling product. We are a business with a big heart. When you work with us you are helping to change lives by providing us work for our employees. And in return we provide a service and quality of finish that we are very proud of.

We were formerly known as the Auckland Sheltered Workshop and Workforce Auckland Inc. Our mission is to support people with diverse needs and we do that through providing a workplace that supports our employees. All of our employees have a disability of some kind, we aim to create a whole lot of ability through working together as a team.

We must be good at what we do as we were incorporated as a society in 1963 and we are now in our 53rd year of providing service to people with disabilities and providing a great service to businesses too.

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Over the last 53 years we have helped in excess of 10,000 disabled people in Auckland to enjoy the benefits of paid employment and we hope to be continuing to do so in another 50 years.

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Get in touch with Altus if you have any enquiries, or if you'd like a quote on getting your jobs done with Altus. Or if you're interested in working for Altus, click here.

Mangere 09 275 2074

246 Puhinui  Rd
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7:30am - 4pm 
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